Thursday, November 27, 2008

Potpourri of Links

I find delight in reading and researching topics that interest me. Sometimes I become fixed on an issue and never move on till I make my friends and family sick-to-death of hearing about it. I've become that older-woman (not too old) who's long ago considerations have now become outbursts of messages and warnings, passionate about issues that many give little or no thought.

In my day-to-day journey towards becoming more enlightened, I find truths in many places. I'm Christian, yet I find Christ in Buddism. I'm educated, but I find wisdom in listening to the so-called ignorant. Oddly, I'm at peace, and yet I find the rescources for tranquility through the intellectualizing of war.

Part of my blog space (the right side of this page) has become a haven for links that I've found important in some way or another to my growth. They're important to me and I hope they can benefit others. I don't agree in whole with any one of them but they are, in part, a piece of the whole picture of our existance. This is why there are many varieties of spiritual and philisophical thought posted here. With each visit I find more insight. And with continued research and recommendation to visit other sites, more pieces of the BiG Picture may come together still.

My plan for the coming year is to post some impressions of what I've discerned from each of the links that I've shared here. I am thankful and blessed. May your Thanksgiving be of good spirit.

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Thea said...

I love what you wrote here Patricia. It is kind of how I operate too. I'm not that old either, turning 50 in Feb.!
Have a wonderful new year.
Cheers, Thea