Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Too Little Too Late

The thing is ...
I'm bombarded every day by news reports, videos and articles about the horrible state of the world and all sorts of newly disclosed information and revelations that are supposed to wake up people's consciousness! But don't you see. This is not new information. It's just that people don't listen.

While at my college campus some years ago, a young man approached me with literature pointing out some highly controversial information about secret societies, the banking system elite, the sign of the devil and other ideas that blew my mind. He passed this information out to any student willing to take it. And he preached a bit, talking about how it was important to question the system and not follow the 'game'. By the time he'd finished his spiel I was convicted and anxious to learn more. And that was over 36 years ago. I and many others who found themselves confronting the same information back in those days had a mission to share it with others. ha! And we did. And we're still trying. You can imagine the misdirected ridicule we've received.

I only wish that folks had been a little more interested a few decades ago. We'd be more enlightened and a lot more in control today.

I'm still learning as well. Just lately I've been reading more about corruption at the hands of our trusted leaders. If you'd like to watch/read some information I've gathered from other sources about the real current and historical events, visit

Thank you.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'd promised myself that I'd write more this new year. It's a passion, but I'm not afforded the opportunity as I'd like. I'm busier than ever. That's a good thing. But there are so many more important things I'm finding to do.

My free time is filled with art classes. This is a passion as well. I'm in class 3 nights out of the week, forfeiting the luxury of cooking, reading a good book, watching a good movie, or playing with my imagination on paper. Other days I find myself drawn to interesting conversations with like minded people. Folks have so much more to talk about these days. It seems more of us are waking up, learning, and growing.

I'd like to share some of my new insights drawn from these enlightened folks I've encountered of late. But that will come on another occasion where time is abundant.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thin Line Between Science and Magic

Rupert Sheldrake, a biochemist, has been performing experiments to debunks the idea of 'magic'. He believes that magic is scientific, that supernatural powers can be explained in some scientific, mathematical fashion. An example of this holds true regarding the advances in technology. Cell phones and televisions, for example, would have been considered magical wonders a hundred years ago. And now we've learned, through quantum physics, that a 5th dimension exists (as well as others)which has a profound affect on our present 3rd dimension. The 5th dimension, as scientifically valid as this present reality that we live in today, is what most of us label paranormal. But we're very close to learning that ghosts and other-worldly things have a scientific basis. I expect that some day soon we'll no longer have fear of the supernatural because it will no longer be an unknown.

Mr. Sheldrake conducts a series of experiments where people can participate online. They are interesting, requiring a partner to assist in most of tests. Here is one called the Online Staring Test. Then click Online Experiments Portal to take more tests.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

I learned much of my social tolerances from my own kids. They would chide me for sometimes making improper references to unpleasant people or situations. In our conversations I explained my concerns and they voiced their opinions quite well. Reality hit me in the face one day. I wasn't the loving, compassionate human that I professed to be. But today things are much different. Life experiences have taught me to love better, as I find myself in everyone I meet.

So as I hear that Obama has plans to abolish the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy, I wonder to what end this action will take. Imagine the young gay serviceman who's kept his sexual orientation to himself. Because of the negative attention he might get if otherwise admitting to being gay, secrecy seems the better choice. No one could ask him about his nature and therefore life in the military could be more tolerable. I know there are other possible negatives that the Don't Ask policy affects ... like, if such repression of sexual orientation causes more stress. Yes, but bare with me. On the other hand, if the policy is lifted, I imagine that life on a military base would not be what you call pleasant. Although I love and respect our soldiers, there are a lot of jerks who serve our country. As a Black Woman I can sympathize with the men affected by this rule, having been the brunt of intolerance and hate on many occasions throughout my lifetime.

I hope this situation can be resolved to benefit everyone involved. Mostly, I just wish that people would start addressing their own humanity to man. Love has no boundaries.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Earth is Singing

People are rejoicing all over the world!

I decided at the eleventh hour to attend a remote viewing of the inauguration ceremony in an auditorium that boasted large screens, lots of happy faces, and an enormous amount of positive energy. The decision to leave the comfort of my own sofa and TV came as I thought about how much I would be missing! The spirit of this momentous occasion was just so overwhelming. And to deprive myself of some of that collective love, gotten from the shouts, screams and cries of thankful and hopeful people,would have been an inadvertent blunder. I'm thankful to have witnessed, not just the ceremony, but the spiritual energy that transcended beyond earth in voices heard all over the world ... in one accord ... at the same time.

The experience brought tears even to my son's eyes. He told me later that this was probably the first time in the history of the planet that the heavens were privy to such homage. I like to think about it even now, just to bathe in the idea.

So, for those of us who believe in the power of the spirit, the world has taken a big step into greater consciousness. These are new beginnings.
The world sat glued to the today's Inauguration ceremony. I was lucking enough to see it on a large stadium screen along with crowds of Obama supporters.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cold Blooded Murder?

Oscar Grant, a young black father, was killed at an Oakland Bart station some days ago. He'd been fighting on the train and was then shot by the police. My first thought was, "Sh_ t!!! These violent kids are turning the streets into a living hell." When I heard that he was innocent, I got mad, as if his life had been taken away from me and my family. Then again, with the conviction that we are all universally bound to a single God, where I see my own children in the eyes of everyone I meet, that young man was family.

The TV finally showed his photo. It was the picture of a guy who worked in the meat department of a store that I visit quite frequently. How amazing! I knew him, not by name, but from my encounters in the store. It was surreal, a gut aching moment, staring into his face on screen.

Reports say that he was fighting with others when police arrived at the station. Officers had him lying on his stomach when one of them shot him in the back. There was nothing to provoke the shooting since the kid had no weapon and was virtually helpless. By all indications, it seemed like cold blooded murder. But the officer said it was a mistake, that he mistook his gun for a taser.

A mistake! Nobody wants to hear that but I do. I'd rather it be a mistake than intentional. Instead, folks want retribution for what seems like murder, with no intention of allowing police to get away with more injustices to minorities. Police do all they can to keep fellow officers out of trouble, including covering-up murders, so this case seems no different ... police brutality and cold blooded murder.

So they rioted. I can't condone it but if that's what it takes to get everyone's attention, then so be it. But the result was just asinine. They marched ... good. They destroyed random cars along the way. What? They busted storefront windows and looted. Retribution or revenge, to me, would be to cause harm to those who've harmed you. But this was something different. This was an act of anger unrelated to the shooting because the cars and businesses damaged in all of this were none other than those of hard working, regular people, and not police or representatives of "The System". It's like burning down your own house to revenge a crime against yourself. It's crazy! But people, especially Blacks and Hispanics, are so tired, angry, broke-down and abused that it doesn't take much to provoke them. These are volatile times.

But the rioting did get attention, and the fact that a man died at the hands of a police officer is not going away. It's ignited the country, reminiscent of other cases of civil injustices that burn heavy on the hearts of an angry nation.

The officer said it was a mistake but why would he have reason to point even a taser into someone's back? Either something happened that's not yet been disclosed, which provoked him to pull out a weapon, or he fully intended to inflict pain on this kid. But if it was an unintentional act, it sure would be a travesty to try him as if he committed cold blooded murder. I pray to God that they find the truth, that justice is served, and angers tempered.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Watch What You Say

Goodness!!! With businesses going under, folks loosing homes, and the cost of survival so damn high, I can imagine how stressful most holiday gatherings have been this year. My family had its usual craziness, where extra energy and thought is spent on fizzling tempers before the surge of testosterone-estrogen-claustrophobic-alcohol induced confrontations rear their head. For this holiday we purchased less champagne than usual. Most of the females in the family have crazy hot flashes from the alcohol consumption, and the drink tends to make everyone lethargic anyway. But there were still the usual fires to smother: the wrong words spoken and tolerance levels at about zero. The real problem has to do with misunderstanding. Here's a perfect example.

It was New Years Eve. My family usually gathers that night like most, to celebrate, but this year there was no conversation about it so most of us figured we'd down-play it and stay at home.

At 5pm, my 2 youngest sisters (let's call them The Sisters Grimm) visited my parent's house and announced that another sister was expecting everyone there for champagne etc and she would make accommodations for the evening since the drive back was so long. Although I and my parents were not fully up for the drive, the drinking, or the energy for celebrating, it was important. So we picked up our spirits and started to prepare for the evening, which included washing some clothes, packing, and eating dinner sooner. My dad was most excited because it meant champagne and sweet treats, when he's not supposed to have it. A couple hours later, after 'The Sisters Grimm' left, I called the one who was to host the event, to get the logistics straight.

She'd just returned home from work and major shopping at CostCo, longing to take a hot bath and jump in bed asap. When I informed her that we'd be arriving in a couple hours, she could only laugh (the laugh of a mad woman). She had no idea that her house was to be the playground for another 8 noisy adults until the morning. I think she was crying! After some back and forth about how the mix-up came to be, she finally learned that her husband had merely inquired from 'The Sisters Grimm' about plans for the evening, never suggesting that anyone sleep over, and even hinting that his wife might be tired after work. But somehow, no one heard all of that.

Also, my sister had been talking to 'The Sisters Grim' about all the preparations for the New Years day meal at her house and not the New Years Eve celebration. This was a misunderstanding. Again, no one was listening. So she kindly called the whole thing off and called it a day.

In the end, my dad was in a funk because there wasn't to be a big celebration; sitting on the raised deck overlooking broad hills as we watched the brilliant light shows ... while sipping champagne and eating cheese, crackers, and homemade pralines. I was ticked off too because, once again, misinformation created an argument and feelings were ruffled. And still, no one learned from the event because something similar is happening as I'm writing this blog!!!

May you have a Happy New Year, with Peace, Joy, Tolerance, Love, and Patience.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hunger and World Poverty

With such an abundance of food on the planet you'd think no one should ever go hungry. But 25,000 people die from starvation every year. And get this, of all the countries in the free world (calculated according to wages earned) the United States contributes the least in donations (1). I'm not proud of it, so I'm on a mission.

These are difficult times. But there's something wonderful about digging into your pocket and giving your last dollar to someone in need ... if it doesn't have a terrible affect on your finances. And don't make assumptions as to how that person will spend it. Who are we to know? Don't assume that someone's a drug addict or drunk, that he'll use it to buy alcohol or pot. How does a poor person look? He or she can look destitute, ravaged by conditions, or mainstream in dress and manner. Don't assume and don't judge. Just give. It just might be an angel in disguise.

If you enjoy word games and would like to help donate rice to the needy, visit Free Rice and make a difference. Thanx!