Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Too Little Too Late

The thing is ...
I'm bombarded every day by news reports, videos and articles about the horrible state of the world and all sorts of newly disclosed information and revelations that are supposed to wake up people's consciousness! But don't you see. This is not new information. It's just that people don't listen.

While at my college campus some years ago, a young man approached me with literature pointing out some highly controversial information about secret societies, the banking system elite, the sign of the devil and other ideas that blew my mind. He passed this information out to any student willing to take it. And he preached a bit, talking about how it was important to question the system and not follow the 'game'. By the time he'd finished his spiel I was convicted and anxious to learn more. And that was over 36 years ago. I and many others who found themselves confronting the same information back in those days had a mission to share it with others. ha! And we did. And we're still trying. You can imagine the misdirected ridicule we've received.

I only wish that folks had been a little more interested a few decades ago. We'd be more enlightened and a lot more in control today.

I'm still learning as well. Just lately I've been reading more about corruption at the hands of our trusted leaders. If you'd like to watch/read some information I've gathered from other sources about the real current and historical events, visit

Thank you.