Monday, November 17, 2008

Are We Gonna Miss Him?

Folks are already complaining ... "Obama's not doing this ... Obama's not doing that ... Obama isn't handling the issues". Well, give the man some breathing space. He's not officially in office yet and I think he's got his hands tied. None of this mess will get fixed over night and Obama hasn't even spelled out what his real plans are. I say ... let's wait and see ... Peace be Still.

I recall soooo many republicans who rallied around Bush for president. And now, soooo many churches, republicans, and hate mongers are talking trash about the new President Elect. I'm confused. Are we looking for change in the right direction or just more of the same old corruption on the backs of hard working people?
It's obvious we're headed in a new direction, from dumb to smart, crazy to sane, and comic to presidential.

Here's a montage of Mr. Bush at his best. Say goodbye to comic.

The Inauguration is only a few months away and everyone I know is trying to go. The hotels have no vacancies, there are no more Inauguration tickets to be had, Obama only plans to attend 2 of the many Inauguration parties, and the crowds will be staggering. Here's what I say: Buy a bottle of your favorite champagne, invite some friends over, tune into the Inauguration, and have a joyous time. I plan to have a blast!

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