Sunday, December 7, 2008

The 4th Dimension

Someone once asked me why it was that I wrote short stories in the fantasy/horror/sci-fi genre? I told her a few things about how I grew up and some details about my propensity for otherworldly things. That was my wobbly attempt at answering the same question I'd asked myself for many years. But now I know exactly the reason.

I, like many people, am looking for the places and spaces beyond my everyday existence that gives me a broader perspective of God's greatness. I'm not talking about Ghosts and Aliens or things that go bump in the night. I'm speaking of the universe and all the imagined and unimagined realities. It's not that I've mastered my own personal reality ... not in the least. But understanding the greater picture helps me make since of the ugly, beautiful, craziness of life on earth.

My questions led me to the overwhelming importance of the relationship between Science and God. God is the creator of all, the intelligent designer of life. We can produce scientific evidence for most things such as death (the deterioration of a body). Yet death is an act of God, if you're a believer. Or take, for instance, the beautiful diamond patterns found on the skin of snakes. Who designed it ... because it is an artistic endeavor. Science would reveal that it is a natural occurrence. Nature is the intelligent designer. God.

So now I'm attempting to understand the unseen, as in God's other creatures, those referred to in the bible such as angels. An analytical person, I study quantum physics and the possibility of other realms of existence. It's quite simple, in fact, to see how there would be a 4th dimension, if you understand how the 2nd dimension becomes the 3rd dimension. The best way to explain this is to visit Flatland.

The 4th dimension is a shadow of our now, present-time existence. I have the concept down, in a scientific fashion, but I have yet to understand the reality of this concept. When I do, I'll be that much closer to understanding myself.


voiceofbragg said...

You will see angels when you get to heaven...

Patricia said...

Biblically speaking, angels have walked the earth, so we don't have to wait for death to see them. Then again, what are angels?

Ratty said...

I saw a demonstration of the 4th dimension on a science TV show once. They did it by drawing a square for the 2nd dimension, then added the lines for a cube to make the 3rd. After that, they added more lines for the 4th. It was very interesting to see it, but very confusing to look at by then. They showed it rotating on the screen, and it seemed to move in and out of itself as it turned.

As for Angels, how can any of us know exactly what they are?