Saturday, April 5, 2008

Running on Compressed Air - Is this our Life Saver?

My daughter works for Green Peace. She rants about the issues plaguing the planet and I listen, frustrated that there was ever a need for advocates to fight so hard to save the world we live on. But what bothered me the most, after hearing her talk about a number of alternative eco-friendly automobiles proposed, is that the powers-that-be just won't allow it to be. Listen to the objections made regarding bring this car to market. If you're concerned about the planet you'd try hard as hell to perfect this machine and replace the gas polluting vehicles on our roads.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Joke's on Me

In my feeble attempt to post what I regard as interesting information, I find that the facts are sometimes not the facts. The author of "Canada to Annex North Dakota, Residents", an article that stimulated me to write my last blog, says the piece he did was completely made-up. Well, go figure. I wondered why no one was talking furiously about the subject of North Dakota being sold to Canada. I went back to review his article and still, it seemed so real. What did I miss? There had to be a word or bit of information that some other savvy political mind would have caught. Somehow I didn't get the relief I should have in knowing that North Dakota, it's elderly and it's oil, remained part of the states. I think I've just been egged.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

US and Canada

I'm wondering if others are aware of these so-called secret negotiations between Canada and the Us regarding the 19th largest state in the US. It seems that North Dakota will soon become the 11th Canadian Province. It'll be the first US state ever sold to another country.

I read this bit of information on Cats With Thumbs, where the author described it as Canada's victory over the US.

At the same time, North Dakota is experiencing a surge in crude oil from great reservoirs during a time when oil prices are high and in great demand. It would suggest that North Dakota will soon have more jobs, an increase in population, and more money than you can shake a stick at.(1)

But an anonymous US State Department official was quoted saying "North Dakota has been sucking the life out of the Treasury ... if those crazy Canucks want 'em, I hope we can get the deal signed and run before they realize what they bought."

What Canada is purchasing is land with furious oil activity and a population of senior citizens who are anxious to partake in the Canadian health care system. What does it mean for the US economy? It doesn't look like a fair exchange to me.