Tuesday, November 4, 2008

America Grows Up

We celebrated tonight, excited that the US is in agreement with making significant changes in the way we run our country. What stimulates me the most is not how President Elect Obama plans to end the war in Iraq, bring health care to all, or Social Security reform. It's the fact that he inspires a country that is desperate for the government to work for them, and not against them. The inspiring words of Obama uplifts those who had no hope for a better world. For many, all it takes is just those words to stimulate energy and passion from a lethargic nation. Today I'm proud for many reasons. I can't wait to participate in this new movement of peace. I'm especially proud of my diversely-colored brothers and sisters who judged by the content of character and not the color of skin. I'm Proud that we've grown up.

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neferiti said...

Here Here! History has been forever changed!