Thursday, January 29, 2009

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

I learned much of my social tolerances from my own kids. They would chide me for sometimes making improper references to unpleasant people or situations. In our conversations I explained my concerns and they voiced their opinions quite well. Reality hit me in the face one day. I wasn't the loving, compassionate human that I professed to be. But today things are much different. Life experiences have taught me to love better, as I find myself in everyone I meet.

So as I hear that Obama has plans to abolish the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy, I wonder to what end this action will take. Imagine the young gay serviceman who's kept his sexual orientation to himself. Because of the negative attention he might get if otherwise admitting to being gay, secrecy seems the better choice. No one could ask him about his nature and therefore life in the military could be more tolerable. I know there are other possible negatives that the Don't Ask policy affects ... like, if such repression of sexual orientation causes more stress. Yes, but bare with me. On the other hand, if the policy is lifted, I imagine that life on a military base would not be what you call pleasant. Although I love and respect our soldiers, there are a lot of jerks who serve our country. As a Black Woman I can sympathize with the men affected by this rule, having been the brunt of intolerance and hate on many occasions throughout my lifetime.

I hope this situation can be resolved to benefit everyone involved. Mostly, I just wish that people would start addressing their own humanity to man. Love has no boundaries.


A Progressive Girl said...

I was one of those soldiers.

If Obama removes the ban, yes, there will be some who will endure the worst of their fellow soldiers prejudices....but... if the ban is not lifted then the Gay soldier will never have the chance to fight for his or her own right to be who they are without having to hide.

It is about civil rights. What if the Black's that stood up to the racist had been too afraid of what would happen to them if they did it? They would still be looking at "Whites Only" signs. Granted, it is a little harder to hide your skin color, but they still could have decided not to fight.

The GLBT people of the world could hide behind don't ask don't tell but what would that accomplish? All it accomplishes is allowing the prejudiced and the bigoted to control us. That is why we must stand against it. If we don't then we are surely cowards to choose a precarious safety over our own freedom.

Thanks for your willingness to allow us to "be".

A World of Progress TeamZine

Patricia said...

I have to agree. But progress sure can be painful.

Tait Hunter said...

Yes patricia, I must also agree with progressive girl, truth in everything is needed for everyone to be free. Christ knew this, and I find it quite odd that our previous president, who was a christian, did not see this: The truth shall set you free. and going along with prgressive girl's statement about being who they really are ties into that. the whole problem with the don't ask don't tell policy was that if someone asked you your sexual preference in relation to a job, then that person could sue the people being asked. I personally love that Obama has finally started lifting the laws and restrictions we have been tied down with for so long. It is justice in the forming.

Hermster said...

Your so right Patricia, progress seems to always be painful. When Pathagoros invented geometry in 450 B.C. villages chased him and burned his house down lol. Socretes was put to death as well 200 years later. M.L.K. was executed for dragging the U.S. into the 20th century. Europe is light years ahead of us on social issues. I think these next 8 years of Obama will go along way to bring us up to par with Europe. said...

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