Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thin Line Between Science and Magic

Rupert Sheldrake, a biochemist, has been performing experiments to debunks the idea of 'magic'. He believes that magic is scientific, that supernatural powers can be explained in some scientific, mathematical fashion. An example of this holds true regarding the advances in technology. Cell phones and televisions, for example, would have been considered magical wonders a hundred years ago. And now we've learned, through quantum physics, that a 5th dimension exists (as well as others)which has a profound affect on our present 3rd dimension. The 5th dimension, as scientifically valid as this present reality that we live in today, is what most of us label paranormal. But we're very close to learning that ghosts and other-worldly things have a scientific basis. I expect that some day soon we'll no longer have fear of the supernatural because it will no longer be an unknown.

Mr. Sheldrake conducts a series of experiments where people can participate online. They are interesting, requiring a partner to assist in most of tests. Here is one called the Online Staring Test. Then click Online Experiments Portal to take more tests.

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