Friday, December 12, 2008

Hunger and World Poverty

With such an abundance of food on the planet you'd think no one should ever go hungry. But 25,000 people die from starvation every year. And get this, of all the countries in the free world (calculated according to wages earned) the United States contributes the least in donations (1). I'm not proud of it, so I'm on a mission.

These are difficult times. But there's something wonderful about digging into your pocket and giving your last dollar to someone in need ... if it doesn't have a terrible affect on your finances. And don't make assumptions as to how that person will spend it. Who are we to know? Don't assume that someone's a drug addict or drunk, that he'll use it to buy alcohol or pot. How does a poor person look? He or she can look destitute, ravaged by conditions, or mainstream in dress and manner. Don't assume and don't judge. Just give. It just might be an angel in disguise.

If you enjoy word games and would like to help donate rice to the needy, visit Free Rice and make a difference. Thanx!


smsinspire said...

Very Happy To see your blog.I would like to join your mission.Your are peace keeper.Happy Time..!! Merry Christmas..!!

Anonymous said...

It seems that YOU may be an angel in disguise! We all could do more and give more.

People with little money to give could donate some time to the local food bank or clothing bank.


Amy said...

Great post and oh so true!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. I was thinking about putting some hunger and enviro wdgets on my blog tonight funnily enough.