Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eyes Wide Shut

In 1974 I found myself standing on the lawn of my 'newly enrolled' college campus. Burdened with books and the weight of the coming 5 years of study ahead of me, I stood alone and petrified, on the brink of knowledge and change.

There were students, the future leaders, future mothers and fathers of the country, walking, talking, sitting and conversing with an energy that I didn't yet command. So it was a surprise when a young man carrying a hand-full of papers, bounced up to me and thrust 3 or 4 stapled sheets into my face. He told me to read it. He said it would change my life. He said "... down with the system". I had no clue what he was talking about.

So I giggled; he'd taken me by surprise. I tucked the papers in with my books and went to class. Later, I found a bench and began to read the xeroxed pages.

I didn't know to believe in the Illuminati, the new world government, or corruption at the hands of those in places higher than president Nixon or Ford. I was excited by the possibility of new knowledge and I asked everyone I knew to read the material as well. I was merely looking for answers, and hoping that someone could show me, finally, that the information I'd read was false.

And what I learned was that people were afraid to question that which could change their stable realities: the US government could not possibly be the root of evil doings, there were no secret societies with great untold knowledge and power, the idea of placing a mark or chip on our bodies to monitor and control was merely science fiction, and we are the only beings in the universe.

The same people would have been convinced that the world was flat.

And now, moving forward 27 years, America gets a wake-up call. 911 was engineered by powers unknown. Was this the first malicious act at the hands our government? Of course not.

Is there a chip created to monitor and control people? Yes. They're being placed in pets and children for GPS tracking. It won't stop there. Under the guise of security, I suspect that there will be a mandate that everyone be implanted with such a device. The ramifications are astronomical. Just as the manipulated attacks on 911 facilitated reasons for such barbaric exploitations as racial profiling and phone-tapping, a micro-chip can put the last vestige of freedom that we as individuals have into the hands of corrupt and barbaric leaders.

We're just waking up from an overdose of BS. Wipe the coal from your eyes and take a good look at the issues. Was aides a disease that sorta-just showed up in African monkeys (why at that time?) during the 19th century or was it man-made? Could Katrina and other world disasters be a man-made front to create new world order? Why not. 911 was a hoax so why imagine that it was the only horrific abuse create to fuel the needs of master powers on this planet? It's worth checking into.

Confronting the issues is important for a free world. Close your eyes and your children and grandchildren can become slaves to one society run by few instead of many. Thirty three years later, since I was in college, the theories are taking shape. I don't have enough answers but I continue to ask questions.


Magdalen Islands said...

Unfortunately, I've have seen these come to pass also. Conspiracies...? Possibly! But I believe the micro chipping is coming and it is a step toward 'Big Brother', just as I believe there will be a world dominated government in the future and it will make freedom of the individual a thing of the past. However, at the same time, it will make world wide conflicts a thing of the past also. So it becomes a trading off matter. Like everything else, it too will die, to be replace by...?

Magdalen Islands said...

Keep it up girl. You have some good stuff going on and questions that we all have. The writing part really works too. I do think you missed your calling..., until now.