Sunday, December 17, 2006

As Yet Undisclosed

Behind all the things that make us citizens, humans, and spiritual beings in this gigantic universe is an undisclosed element passed along since the beginning of time. The further along we come in the advancement of our race on earth, the further away from the truth we seem to come. History and science books tell a story of our beginnings. Religions tell another story. The answer to who we are and what our purpose is here on earth is a subject no one wishes to answer. Behind the illusion is a great secret and key to our existence.

Faith in God is truth. Science is truth. Together they hold the answers.

The Christian Bible gives an account of the creation of the heavens and earth. The scientific mind can postulate such creation, where God has a finger on the gases and formation of planets. But in the seven days it took for God to weave His creations, many great things unknown to us must have occured. Or should we believe that the Bible, written by man using the words of Jesus Christ, holds everything there is to know?

God created the heavens, and in it there were other planets as well. God is an artist, a creator of greatness, a maker of dark from light. Do you believe those big rocks floating around in all the supposed universes were put there only for us to observe and ponder for the sake of nothing?

Humans are a sheltered group of beings. We choose to accept only those things which fit comfortably into our preconditoned ideas of life... God made Adam and Eve. They sinned. God banished them from the garden of Eden and now their children have the basis for their existance (crudely put but point made.) The children of Adam and Eve had better grow up and ask their parents some very important questions. "Hey Mom. That story about the stork sounds really fishy. Can you give me the truth?"

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Magdalen Islands said...

This is profound, deep and almost poetic in it's own way. It is not only well thought out prose, but very well written.

Are you sure you didn't miss your calling? A teacher of the arts, a writer, a thinker..., you fit all the categories above and I'm certain many more, Patricia.