Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cold Blooded Murder?

Oscar Grant, a young black father, was killed at an Oakland Bart station some days ago. He'd been fighting on the train and was then shot by the police. My first thought was, "Sh_ t!!! These violent kids are turning the streets into a living hell." When I heard that he was innocent, I got mad, as if his life had been taken away from me and my family. Then again, with the conviction that we are all universally bound to a single God, where I see my own children in the eyes of everyone I meet, that young man was family.

The TV finally showed his photo. It was the picture of a guy who worked in the meat department of a store that I visit quite frequently. How amazing! I knew him, not by name, but from my encounters in the store. It was surreal, a gut aching moment, staring into his face on screen.

Reports say that he was fighting with others when police arrived at the station. Officers had him lying on his stomach when one of them shot him in the back. There was nothing to provoke the shooting since the kid had no weapon and was virtually helpless. By all indications, it seemed like cold blooded murder. But the officer said it was a mistake, that he mistook his gun for a taser.

A mistake! Nobody wants to hear that but I do. I'd rather it be a mistake than intentional. Instead, folks want retribution for what seems like murder, with no intention of allowing police to get away with more injustices to minorities. Police do all they can to keep fellow officers out of trouble, including covering-up murders, so this case seems no different ... police brutality and cold blooded murder.

So they rioted. I can't condone it but if that's what it takes to get everyone's attention, then so be it. But the result was just asinine. They marched ... good. They destroyed random cars along the way. What? They busted storefront windows and looted. Retribution or revenge, to me, would be to cause harm to those who've harmed you. But this was something different. This was an act of anger unrelated to the shooting because the cars and businesses damaged in all of this were none other than those of hard working, regular people, and not police or representatives of "The System". It's like burning down your own house to revenge a crime against yourself. It's crazy! But people, especially Blacks and Hispanics, are so tired, angry, broke-down and abused that it doesn't take much to provoke them. These are volatile times.

But the rioting did get attention, and the fact that a man died at the hands of a police officer is not going away. It's ignited the country, reminiscent of other cases of civil injustices that burn heavy on the hearts of an angry nation.

The officer said it was a mistake but why would he have reason to point even a taser into someone's back? Either something happened that's not yet been disclosed, which provoked him to pull out a weapon, or he fully intended to inflict pain on this kid. But if it was an unintentional act, it sure would be a travesty to try him as if he committed cold blooded murder. I pray to God that they find the truth, that justice is served, and angers tempered.


qiman's world said...

This hurts not only Individuals but our society and civilization as a whole. What can we do to change these states of affairs? Overhaul our Educational system from top to bottom. I feel your pain too as I am reading your post.

Ratty said...

I saw the video of the shooting. What happened was disgusting. I find it hard to believe he mistook a gun for a taser. A nonviolent protest might have been a better alternative to rioting. I've seen riots, and most of the people involved aren't angry at all. They are just being violent for the sake of violence.

New World Order Influence said...

Currently on the agenda for the Power Elite (the Illuminati)is to - by all means, perhaps even by means of police brutality (there are many "operatives" within police forces) such as you wrote about in your blog post - incite the masses to violent uprisings around the world. It will be one of the best excuses they will use, along with the financial meltdown, in order to "lawfully" activate their political puppets to declare Martial Law, and will be the catalyst for them to implement the next phase of their New World Order plan: that is, to reduce the world's population to a more manageable proportion.

Buddha said...

Violence is so prevalent in our society – just turn on the TV – it has become the norm in solving our problems – see the 2 wars going on – I don’t see why people are shocked by acts of police violence – like they are not human assholes like everybody else.
With the availability of camera phones and video recorders expect to see more and more of these scenes.

Magdalen Islands said...

I thought I'd let you know that I'm tramping around on your turf, Pat. I read your thoughts and I'm horrified. How can this happen?

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