Monday, October 20, 2008

A Bitter Melon To Swallow

The number of Americans with diabetes is up 15 percent from 2 years ago. This is extraordinary. Somehow, we have allowed the financers of illusion to convince us that settling for artery clogging fast foods, and vacillating in lethargic states of mindlessness in front of TV sets or the Internet is good living. How did we allow ourselves to fall for such misinformation?

Bitter Melon,For DiabetesMore and more people are learning that they have diabetes. It’s a disease that causes the pancreas to be ineffective in processing sugars. Sugars can be deadly in that they deteriorate organs, causing heart failure, eye disease, high blood pressure, and a plethora of other ailments. Medications can be expensive but with the right change of lifestyle, a person can live without the dread of ill health or the expense of medication. Some have found just the right healing agent that is not a medicine, cost very little, and can be purchased at any Asian produce market.

People in the Philippines who suffer from diabetes tend to avoid pharmaceuticals to curb the affects of the disease. They use a vegetable-type fruit that grows readily in their climate called bitter melon. It’s sold for about .60 a piece at Asian markets. When consuming this fruit, check with your doctor first, as your current medicine will need to lowered or eliminated. If you aren’t currently on medication, bitter melon can be just the natural product for coping with this disease.


maskara said...

we also have food supplements in a form of capsules made from these bitter melons... they more tolerable than the actual fruit :D

maskara said...

hi patricia! thank you for droppin' by...
regarding the bitter melons, they've just been recently popularized in the philippines. studies does show that the capsules help in reducing/slowing down the progress of diabetes... but there are no claims yet regarding complete recovery because of these meds. my grandma's using one brand manufactured by aldritz corp. she claims it's effective :D