Thursday, April 3, 2008

US and Canada

I'm wondering if others are aware of these so-called secret negotiations between Canada and the Us regarding the 19th largest state in the US. It seems that North Dakota will soon become the 11th Canadian Province. It'll be the first US state ever sold to another country.

I read this bit of information on Cats With Thumbs, where the author described it as Canada's victory over the US.

At the same time, North Dakota is experiencing a surge in crude oil from great reservoirs during a time when oil prices are high and in great demand. It would suggest that North Dakota will soon have more jobs, an increase in population, and more money than you can shake a stick at.(1)

But an anonymous US State Department official was quoted saying "North Dakota has been sucking the life out of the Treasury ... if those crazy Canucks want 'em, I hope we can get the deal signed and run before they realize what they bought."

What Canada is purchasing is land with furious oil activity and a population of senior citizens who are anxious to partake in the Canadian health care system. What does it mean for the US economy? It doesn't look like a fair exchange to me.


FrankR said...

Hi there - did not mean to mislead you; the story is entirely fictional from my feeble but active imagination - a satire written by your's truly - it would not, however, surprise me to see a similar story in the TIMES someday:)

Frank R.
(Cats With Thumbs)

Magdalen Islands said...

Actually I have read a similar story but the oil reserves weren't mentioned. The one I read had ND citizens quoting their thoughts on the matter and medicare was high on the issue at hand.

Patricia Lanchester said...

Magdalen Island, you did in fact read that same article and left a comment. I read it several times before expressing myself. Many people on his blog believed it was true as well. The author is Frank, the posting just ahead of yours. The truth is that oil has become the rage in North Dakota. The crazy part was reading that the state was being sold to Canada. It was merely a bit of satire on the part of the author.

Nita said...

Keep up the good work.