Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Home Schooling

How can this be true? I received in the mail a commentary regarding a ruling that just came down from a California Appeals Court. In a nutshell it said that it’s illegal in California for a parent to home school a child if the parent is not a certified teacher.

Kids who are home schooled achieve higher test scores, according to a recent report published by the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). The reasons for home schooling will vary widely but for some it’s a reaction to the rising crime rate in the classrooms and generally because of inferior education. Many colleges don’t accept these children with home education. I believe it’s because of the policies which require formal education as a prerequisite. If they're getting good grades, why does it even matter?

My take on this is that there are people in high places who wish we stay ignorant and substandard. In such conditions we are easier to mold, manipulate, and destroy. So far they’ve done a good job of it, trapping our culture into an era of brain dead button pushing robots. My next venture might be to get my teaching credentials and open a home school. Follow my lead.


Magdalen Islands said...

If I had to do it all over again, I would seriously consider home schooling before I'd put my child through the bullying and the less disciplined, but more strict and colder atmosphere of public school. There are some classes which are great for students but the academics should be taught in a less formal, more 1-on-1 level rather that have 40-50 students depending on one teacher to teach math, the languages and sciences.

Jojo said...

With all the stuff going on in schools (shootings, naked pictures from other students on the phone, condoms), I really want to homeschool my child.

I have not heard anything about that in Colorado, though (not yet).

I think that getting your credentials would be a great idea.